Upcoming WMSP Events

WMSP Workshop in Brisbane, Australia

November 07, 2019

The first iteration of the World Mother Storytelling Workshop, an extraordinary group conversation in which he guides children of all ages how to listen and retell their mother's stories. To demonstrate his method, he facilitates an exciting learning process by working with volunteer child/ mother pairs from the group.

A 2-day event from Thursday, November 7th - Friday, November 8th.

World Mother Live @ Town Hall

May 10, 2020

Join us for the highly anticipated live storytelling event at Town Hall! Celebrate mother stories in a live event filled with music, performance, and art. Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Conduit @ Arts Student League New York

May 01, 2020

The Art Students League of New York has been an all inclusive gathering place for artists since 1875. The WMSP is proud to partner with Arts Student League to exhibit Conduit at the recently renovated historic Fine Arts Gallery in conjunction with the Live Storytelling Event at Town Hall in the month of May 2020.

More info. to come!

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Past Events

World Mother Storytelling Workshop - Brooklyn, NY

May 12, 2018

Learn how to tell your mother's story the day before Mother's Day. In this workshop, we will be sharing how to use Narativ's listening and storytelling methodology to tell a powerful story of your mother. Join us in this exciting day of mother stories!

Buddhist Arts and Film Festival - Boulder, CO

July 08, 2018

A WMSP workshop and the Conduit exhibition will be held at the first-ever Buddhist Arts and Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. The WMSP is part of an artistic exploration very much embedded in the Buddhist principle that all beings have been our mothers. The WMSP will be teaching Narativ's listening and storytelling methodology which is centered in the practices of listening, meditation and self reflection – pertinent to developing empathy, respect and understanding.

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