The World Mother Storytelling Project is based on and has grown out of the Narativ listening and storytelling method, which has been honed across decades of work on multiple continents. The method enhances emotional intelligence by developing empathy, compassion and connectedness.

The crux of the method is to harness the power of participants’ stories for personal healing and political advocacy, which are at the heart of the WMSP.

​The WMSP is an attempt to surface the hidden knowledge of mothers and inscribe mother stories into the world. It is a creative vision of how mothers’ stories, and children’s stories, overlap, intersect and shape nations.

Photo courtesy of Jonah Markowitz

Exploring Mother & Motherhood:

The bond between mothers and children is a lens to examine some of the most contested issues of our day, such as the ascendance of womens’ voices, maternal health, environmental protection and the need for discourses around love rather than hatred.

In the midst of the #MeToo movement and the growing consciousness of the way women’s stories have been written out of the public record for centuries, the WMSP offers a very concrete vehicle for changing that—within families and communities; in public; on stage; as art.


The global threats of climate change profoundly affect poor, rural and indigenous women whose lives are impacted by food shortages, droughts, floods and diseases. The local knowledge of Mothers—housed in their stories—are sources of innovative solutions.


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