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World Mother Live

Town Hall, 2021

Join us in a day filled with art, performance, and heartfelt stories to celebrate mothers and motherhood around the world!

World Mother Live is a public ceremony, a ritual intended to redefine motherhood by providing a meaningful, life altering experience for all participants. The evening will viscerally empower all who experience it to become ambassadors for World Mother in their families, communities, and beyond.

Featuring live music and art performances from Drum Cafe and celebrity guests, we will be sharing inspiring stories of mothers and motherhood. The audience will be taught how to listen to and capture mother stories by learning Narativ’s unique listening and storytelling methodology, which has a 25-year history of transforming participants into storytellers. Volunteer mother/child pairs will appear on stage.

Every participant will leave fully equipped to listen and to share their mothers' stories.

The Venue

A historic cultural and political venue, Town Hall has been championing women and mother's rights since the 19th century. The 1600-seat venue was established by the suffragettes with the aspirations of creating a meeting space to educate people on the important issues of the day, including the fight for women's rights to vote (19th Amendment). Town Hall’s history dovetails with the vision of World Mother Storytelling Project.

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