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View our most recent broadcast, a Special World Mother Pride Event

On June 28th, 2020, The World Mother Storytelling Project presented a unique celebration of Pride and the LGBTQ community with stories of mothers and their children in partnership with the Town Hall of New York City. 

The stories will take you on a journey across the world, including Mexico and Iran.
You will hear from:

- Transgender woman, Pooya Mohseni, and her mother

- Artist Luis Enrique Garcia from Oaxaca and his mother

- Archival footage of AIDS activists from the 1990s telling stories about their mothers.  

- LIVE guests, a family consisting of two moms Enid and Doris Karpeh-Diaz and

  their adult kids Gabriel Suarez  and Jessica Suarez

Watch the first annual World Mother Live from the Town Hall NYC Digital Stage

This immersive and enlightening experience was held this past Mother's Day, May 10th. It was led by Murray Nossel, founder and director of World Mother Storytelling Project and co-creator of the Narativ listening and storytelling method. He has taught storytelling for 25 years in more than 50 countries to more than 10,000 people.

Over the course of this 2-hour event you will learn how to listen without judgment, opinion or preconception; how to interview your mother to gather her stories using Narativ’s unique methodology; and how to take the raw material you collected to create a compelling story. Even if your mother is no longer in this world, you can learn to tell her story from reconstructed memories that live on.


The song used in the introductory montage is called "Memeke," and was provided by South African artist Majola Ganyemede.


You can find the song here:

About the World Mother Storytelling Project

The World Mother Storytelling Project is a global intiative to teach sons/daughters/offspring to listen to and tell their mothers' stories. Once brought to light, these stories help shape our own stories and in turn, reshape our world. 

By listening to and telling our mothers' stories, we can transform our relationship with our mothers and ourselves. In this way, World Mother aspires to uncover the hidden knowledge and wisdom of mothers. 

The World Mother Storytelling Project Team


Murray Nossel, PhD, - Director & Founder

Sam Moss - Program Designer 

Linda van Schaick, Deborah Freundlich, Pierre Laramee, Jillian Powers,

Doug Safranek, Dewi Tan, Diane Davis Steiker

World Mother is supported and made possible by

The World Mother Advisory Board                                                 

Dr. Wafaa El Sadr, John Burt, Sarah Stillman,

Gloria Browne- Marshall, Claudette Faison

Narativ, Inc.

Jerome Deroy, Sasha Meyerowitz, Beth Gilson

Narativ London

Dan Milne, Jane Nash

MA Papper, Jeff Mann, Alexander Koveos, David Hoos MD,

Tatjana Meyerowitz, Nick Oxenhorn, Lew Rubin, Gavin Berger,

Erica Oliviera, Jean Malpas, Stephanie Blackwood, Susanne Rostock,

Tim Messler, Ashley Smith

The Office of Performing Arts 

Rachel Chanoff, Erica Zielinski, Olli Chanoff, Laurie Cearly


Pomegranate Arts 

Linda Brumbach, Alisa Regas

About the Venue 

Town Hall NYC

A historic cultural and political venue, Town Hall has been championing women's and mothers' rights since 1921. This 1600-seat venue was established by the suffragettes with the aspiration of creating a meeting space to educate people on the important issues of the day, including the fight for women's right to vote (19th Amendment). 

254 36TH STREET, STE C549, UNIT 24, BROOKLYN, NY 11232

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