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The World Mother

Storytelling Project

is a global initiative to teach sons/daughters/offspring

to listen to and tell their mothers’ stories.

Once brought to light, these stories shape our own

stories and, in turn, reshape our world.

By listening to and telling our mothers’ stories,

we can transform our relationship with

our mothers and ourselves.

In this way, World Mother aspires to uncover the hidden knowledge and wisdom of mothers.

Using a unique storytelling methodology that teaches how to listen without judgment, opinion, and preconception, learn how to listen to and tell your mother's story.

Viewed by over 4,000 people on YouTube, in our live streamed events participants interview their mothers, transforming their relationships before our eyes.

One of our goals is to create a High School Curriculum that teaches students this storytelling methodology. We have piloted the program at Bronx High School of Science with plans to pilot it at more schools.

At a moment of profound cultural and political divisions,

the World Mother Storytelling Project has devised as tangible

a creative intervention as they come. I can say, without reservation,

that this is an effort that the world needs now. Very few stories in life

are at once universal and wildly divergent—a mother’s story is

one of them. It is one of the few life arenas that is shared by everyone

and yet also strangely obscured from our close attention.

Mothers, at last, merit this.

- Sarah Stillman, MacArthur Fellow, staff writer—the New Yorker,

Yale College, Columbia School of Journalism

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