In May 2019, WMSP completed a semester-long pilot program at Bronx High School of Science.

The students met once per week for 90 minutes to learn the following skills:

  • How to listen without judgment, opinion, and preconception. 

  • How to interview their mothers to gather their stories using the Narativ technique. 

  • How to take the raw material gathered from their mothers and craft it into a story. 

  • How to present that story live in front of an audience. 


  • Every student was equipped with a new strategy for how to craft a story—both tellers and audience. 

  • All participants spoke about how effective the Narativ method was, and noted that they would use it outside this project anytime they needed to tell a story. 

  • Students showed a radical increase in empathy and understanding of their own mothers, including who they were as individuals and how much they had sacrificed for their children. 

Each student participant, in the development and telling of their own mother’s story,

acquired a newfound confidence and trust to express and reveal who they were as

individuals comfortable in their own bodies. 

With the help of Diane Steiker, a teacher at Bronx Science, WMSP is working to develop a replicable curriculum that can go into other schools. Plans are already being discussed to bring the curriculum to a school in West Norwood, London.

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