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The stories our mothers tell us are not simply intimate personal testimony, but often reveal the way in which mothers are at the center of some of the most challenging issues of our day: women’s health and medical care, economic inequality, climate change, gun violence, political power, and more inclusive concepts of gender.


For too long, women’s stories have been written out of the historical record, depriving the world of a vital source needed in the search for meaningful solutions to global crises, as well as social and spiritual challenges. 


Family planning and girls’ education, for example, are two of the top potential solutions to global warming. Climate change disproportionately affects poor, rural and indigenous women as food shortages, droughts, floods and disease attack their ability to protect and nourish their children. 


These, and many other issues, are embedded in the stories mothers can share, if they believe how important it is for us to hear them, and learn from them.

The World Mother Storytelling Project is based on the acclaimed Narativ listening and storytelling method, which has been honed across decades of work on multiple continents. This method enhances emotional intelligence by developing empathy, compassion and connectedness. By teaching sons/daughters/offspring this methodology, we have witnessed relationships transform - strengthening the bond, all while offering the tools to carry on mothers' legacies through re-telling their stories.

Photo courtesy of Jonah Markowitz


Photo courtesy of Jonsar Studios

Founder and Directer, Murray Nossel, Ph.D.


Murray Nossel co-founded Narativ in 2002 and has been teaching his listening and storytelling method around the world for more than 25 years. Murray also applies his listening and storytelling methodology in the theater and documentary filmmaking. Two Men Talking, a performance of his listening and storytelling method developed with Dr. Paul Browde, has been performed in the West End of London and Off-Broadway in New York City. His film, “Why Can’t We Be a Family Again?”, about African American brothers in Brooklyn struggling to reunite with their mother, a recovering drug addict, was nominated for a 2002 Academy Award®. The origin of the World Mother Storytelling Project (WMSP) took shape after Murray's parents were hijacked in their car in South Africa. This incident forever changed his relationship and perspective of his mother who convinced the hijackers to leave them unharmed. Murray has since founded the World Mother Storytelling Project with the aim of creating a movement of listening and telling mother stories around the world."

The World Mother Storytelling Project Team


Murray Nossel, PhD, - Director & Founder

Sam Moss - Program Designer 

Linda van Schaick, Deborah Freundlich, Pierre LaRamée, Jillian Powers,

Doug Safranek, Diane Davis Steiker,

Victoria Elizabeth Kussman

World Mother is supported and made possible by

The World Mother Advisory Board

Dr. Wafaa El Sadr, John Burt, Sarah Stillman,

Gloria Browne- Marshall, Claudette Faison

Narativ, Inc.

Jerome Deroy, Sasha Meyerowitz

Narativ London

Dan Milne, Jane Nash

MA Papper, Jeff Mann, Alexander Koveos, David Hoos MD,

Tatjana Meyerowitz, Nick Oxenhorn, Lew Rubin, Gavin Berger, Stephen Cheifitz,

Erica Oliviera, Jean Malpas, Stephanie Blackwood, Susanne Rostock,

Tim Messler, Ashley Smith

Photos Courtesy of

Jonsar Studios  

Jonah Markowitz

All donations and contributions are through NYFA, New York Foundation for the Arts

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